New Hampshire Solar

Welcome to the New Hampshire Solar Web Site

NH Solar is making an effort to educate and diseminate information on solar & alternative energy systems. We are starting with providing a seminars and workshops on how to setup and configure photovoltaic systems for home and commercial energy applications.

The intent is to show how energy production and conservative can accommodate modern world amenities with low power requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about solar energy and would like to see a live solar PV system in action checkback with this site regularly. We are working on displaying the active output of the Home PV system on the web.

Please take a look at the seminar we offerings presenting the latest in solar technology and alternative energy systems for solar electic, Wind power, Solar heating and cooling.

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This web site was created to provide you, the solar energy professional, quick and easy access to information affecting your trade. If you have any ideas that you believe would enhance this site, please share them with us at 



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